As a foreigner at the Faculty of Pharmacy

Mi a véleményed?


As it’s known, the Faculty of Pharmacy has an English programme, in which many foreign students study to be a pharmacist. People come from all around the world to get their certificate in our beautiful city. Our faculty has a mentor programme also, in which we help the foreigners to get to know more about the city and also with studying for the harder subjects. I was always curious about why they chose Pécs instead of the capital city, Budapest. In this semester I’ve met Raya Afzali, who is a second-year  student at our faculty and she came from Iran. She was so kind as to answer my questions.  

Thank you for accepting my invitation for this interview. First of all let’s talk about why you chose the University of Pécs. Where did you hear about this school?

Raya Afzali: You’re welcome, dear Bella. My father and I have searched a lot about Hungarian universities. The University of Pécs has a really good ranking in pharmacy, so that is why we’ve chosen it. Two of my high school friends were studying here and they also recommended me to study here.

How did you decide to study this science? What were the most important things in your decision?

Raya Afzali: From the beginning of the high school, I thought I would study a field which is related to chemistry and that happened, that’s why I chose pharmacy.  Of course, my interest in chemistry was not ineffective

In Hungary we write a final test at the end of the high school and the points we get there are important in getting into the university. How about the English programme? How does the admission take place?

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Raya Afzali: The grades we’ve got in college were important. English programme students have to take an entrance exam and if we could reach the points that they want, we are accepted in the university.

How do you feel about the Faculty of Pharmacy? Do you like studying here? Would you recommend this university? 

Raya Afzali: Yes, I do like studying here. I would recommend my friends to study here in this faculty in Pécs.

Do you enjoy being here in Pécs? What do you like the most in this city?

Raya Afzali: I really enjoy being here in Pécs. What I like the most in this city is the atmosphere, which is really calm and friendly.

Where would you like to work after graduation? In a pharmacy or maybe in the pharmaceutical industry? Would you like to stay here in Hungary or go back to your country, Iran?

Raya Afzali: I would love to work in the pharmaceutical industry after graduation. I would stay in the European region but I would be happy if I could find a job in Hungary.

As you can see the University of Pécs can be attractive not only for Hungarian  students but also for foreign people. I would wish Raya good luck with her future plans and I hope we can welcome many foreign students at the Faculty of Pharmacy in 2021 as well. 

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